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EBNI offers support & resources through our members to assists with the day to day struggles of operating a business.


1.  We give you the opportunity to build strong long lasting Professional Relationships while expanding your network.

2.  Get solid referrals from our members.


3.  You will become better at what you do through our Resources, Workshops, Seminars, and Focus Sessions.


4.  The opportunity to be featured in our EBNI Talks segment to spotlight and promote your business is open to all members.


5.  We offer monthly meetings where members can connect, feel  empowered and inspired by each other and receive motivation from our keynote speakers.


6.  We offer free mentorship to individuals ready to start a small, minority owned business as well as those ready to take their business to the next level.

7. Discounted memberships for Non Profit Organizations.

8.  We are a network of businesses you can trust.


1. The level of support and the ability to gain new clients, makes the decision to join a no-brainer.

2. With our coaches, classes, online meetings certified Business Mentors, and easy access to our resources, EBNI has proven to be the best connection for startup and established businesses. 

We are a unique Business Networking Organization that originally started in 2018 as a PRIDE Networking LLC, then our name was changed to Eagles Business Networking in 2019. To further carry out our mission, the decision to form a Nonprofit Organization so that we can better serve all of our businesses, was made. In 2021 a team of qualified professionals came together to form EBN International (Eagles Business Networking International).

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