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We are a unique Business Networking Organization that originally started in 2018 as a PRIDE Networking LLC, then our name was changed to Eagles Business Networking in 2019. To further carry out our mission, our research shows that to have a bigger and better impact on our community and to provide the quality resources and support to our members, it was in our best interest to from a Non-Profit Organization. In 2021 a team of qualified professionals came together to form EBN International (Eagles Business Networking International).

EBNI is more than a referral group

Our goal is to have a global impact on Emergent Entrepreneurs and Under Represented Groups in efforts to eliminate the struggles of starting up and maintaining a successful business by providing the proper resources that can assist in business growth.

What do we offer?

EBNI offers support and resources through our members to assists with the day to day struggles of operating a business.

  • Free Mentorship

Our​ mentoring partners, such as SCORE Northeast NJ, offers extensive programs and tools as well as professions that will guide you from A-Z when starting and operating a business

  • Members Directory

We display your business information in our directory allowing members and the public easy access to your business.

  • Workshops

Workshops are a smart way to support your continuing professional development online or in person with topics ranging from startup strategies to marketing and financial budgeting etc.

  • Seminars

We sponsor seminars geared toward learning about a particular topic with the intention of circulating knowledge, new techniques, or new practices.

  • Focus Sessions

Our Focus Sessions allow entrepreneurs to share their successes, experiences, challenges and tips on how to better our businesses.

  • EBNI Talks

This platform gives you the opportunity to present the nature of your business in our regular monthly meetings.

  • Motivational Meetings

Other than workshops, Seminars and Focus 
Sessions, EBNI also host meetings with keynote speakers to motivate, encourage, empower and inspire us.

  • Scholarship Program

Whether you are in need of a business or life coach, you have access to coaches that will help you with your strategic planning and actions to achieve your goals 

  • Sponsorship Program

EBNI awards financial support to a assist with business startup and education for business major students, based on hardship or other   criteria that with will qualify such individual to receive the scholarship. 

 Business Services through our members

Our members offer services that can help you through the process of establishing or taking your business to the next level

  • Business Coaches

Whether you are in need of a business or life coach, you have access to coaches that will help you with your strategic planning and actions to achieve your goals.

  • Accounting Services

Accounting professionals provide advice to small starting businesses on the right investment and best structure for their business to ensure financial stability. It’s thus crucial for a business owner to know the best outsourcing accounting services for their business.

  • Legal Services

Legal services are an important consideration for any business owner, but especially for small business owners, who often face a number of legal hurdles.

  • Internship Program

Some of our members agreed to give interns  a chance to work side by side with with them in order you to get a pretty good idea of what an entry-level role might entail. You’ll not only gain real work experience, but also meet and learn from the pros. And you’ll start to build your own network, from your fellow co-workers to seasoned leaders.

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