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EBN International (Eagles Business Networking International)  exists for purposes of providing support, resources,  and direction to minority owned small businesses around the globe as well as up and coming entrepreneurs.

Many individuals have great ideas but no resources on how to get their business started. EBNI is the vehicle to realizing your dream of owning and operating a successful business.

I started my business, NOW WHAT? Growing a business is the key to success. Networking is a great way to gain new clients, and meet individuals that can guide you along the way. 

Connecting with others is great; building long lasting relationships and friendships is even greater. Our events, meetings, workshops and seminars allow you to connect with like minded individuals.

Get better at what you do by attending workshops focused on your line of work. We have an open door policy which welcomes similar or same businesses to be a part of our network. Take advantage of teaming up with members in your field who may have more experience to help you grow.

What good is a network if we don't look out for each other? Building trust makes it easier for your piers to send a customer your way.  Receiving referrals is another great way to grow your business.

EBNI offers all the support you need to start and grow your business. We offer free mentorship, through members such as SCORE, seminars, focus sessions, scholarships for individuals facing hardships, etc.

Like minded individuals who are trustworthy and looking to start or grow their business can join EBNI.


We do not restrict or limit similar or same businesses to join like other networking companies. Before using a service, individuals should gather at least 3 estimates before making a final decision. It is better to have options, rather than feel pressured to use a service simply because there is only one option. If you are hesitating to join because we already have a Contractor, Attorney or Restaurant, etc. Remember, healthy competitions are always welcomed.

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